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50% bird, 50% frog, 100% party!

Adopt a frogbird today! This print is the perfect gift for fans of birds OR fans of frogs, which has been scientifically proven to cover everyone.

I drew this strange little creature and shared the sketch to my instagram art account. People gave him such a warm reception that I had to bring him to life by carving a block and making some prints.

There are two print variants based on my amphibious avian friend:
1. Frogbird of the Morning – A majestic frogbird in silhouette in front of a large yellow sunrise (or moon, open to your interpretation)
2. The Minimal Frogbird – Back to basics, frogbird in black, with a small artist signature stamp (featuring my initials, not frogbird’s) in red in the bottom right corner

If you’re not convinced yet, check out these great instagram pull-quotes from the recently founded “Fellow Friends of Feathered Frogbird Society”:

“The biological accuracy is stunning. Like a young Audubon.” – @jamebly
“This little guy looks so plausible!” – @carolsullivan_silkartist
“He’s missing the horn, otherwise true to reality.” – @99karey66
“YES.” – @cosmiccreature44

Hand-printed by me using Speedball Professional Relief inks 5″x7″ white 98lb / 160g paper. Prints will be signed on the back in pencil. Paper cropped to fit a standard 5×7″ frame (not included).

For linocuts, each block is hand-carved with various carving tools. After carving, to create a print, ink is rolled onto the block surface with a roller (brayer), a paper is laid on top, and then pressure is applied to transfer the ink to the paper.

Each linoleum block is hand-carved and each print is hand-printed, which means there may be variations in texture or color between prints. This is a unique characteristic of the medium and part of the charm of linocut prints.

You will receive the print unframed, in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard mailer envelope.