Date Night spirit board print



“Date Night” – Deep down, everyone is really just looking to connect with someone (from the great beyond).

I originally carved and printed these as a two color block print with swirling spirits (titled “Call Me”), but had been meaning to reprint some one color versions with just the black.

I printed a batch of these on smooth, white cardstock, and also did a few on the lightly textured, vintage, natural colored paper shown in the top right.

Hand-inked and hand-printed from the original carved block on 5″x7″ paper (white cardstock or natural colored textured paper), printed with Speedball Professional black oil-based relief ink. The natural colored paper has some additional “saltiness” or variation in the prints due to the texture of the paper.

More info on how I make these prints:

For linocuts, each block is hand-carved with various carving tools. After carving, to create a print, ink is rolled onto the block surface with a roller (brayer), the paper is aligned and put on top of the inked block, and then pressure is applied to transfer the ink to the paper.

Each linoleum block is hand-carved and each print is hand-printed, which means there may be variations in texture or color between prints. This is a unique characteristic of the medium and part of the charm of handmade block prints.

Shipping info:

You will receive the print unframed, in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard mailer envelope, as shown in the last picture. I ship via USPS, and shipping cost includes tracking.

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White cardstock, Vintage natural