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An original hand carved multi-color linocut print inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. This is an abstract impression / interpretation of the famous architectural landmark located in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Printed on 5″x7″ white 98lb / 160g acid-free paper. Paper cropped to fit a standard 5×7″ frame (not included). Printed with Speedball Professional relief ink, mixed and inked by hand so there may be variations in color, transparency, and texture between prints. Please refer to photos, I try to show multiple prints to show an example of variations that you may receive.

For linocuts, each block is hand-carved with various carving tools. After carving, to create a print, ink is rolled onto the block surface with a roller (brayer), the paper is aligned and put on top of the inked block, and then pressure is applied to transfer the ink to the paper.

My prints are printed with Speedball relief inks (much thicker than regular “inks”, actually more closely related to paint) on acid-free paper. Each piece is titled and signed in pencil on the front.

Each linoleum block is hand-carved and each print is hand-printed, which means there may be variations in texture or color between prints. This is a unique characteristic of the medium and part of the charm of linocut prints.

You will receive the print unframed, in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard mailer envelope.