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“Self portrait #7” – If you were a possum, would you wear your ears tucked up into a ten gallon hat, or sticking out below?

Hand-carved linocut print based on an original illustration.

The perfect gift for that possum fan or country music fan (or both).

Hand-printed using “traditional possum blue” oil-based ink on 5×7″ mixed media paper. Signed and dated (year) on back.

For linocuts, each block is hand-carved with various carving tools. After carving, to create a print, ink is rolled onto the block surface with a roller (brayer) and then the paper is applied and hand-burnished to transfer the ink to the paper.

Each linoleum block is hand-carved and each print is hand-printed, which means there may be variations in texture or color between prints. This is a unique characteristic of the medium and part of the charm of linocut prints.

You will receive the print unframed, in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard mailer envelope.