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“Black dress moves in a blue movie”

An original hand carved linocut print of Vampira (actress Maila Nurmi), the classic horror television host and scream queen actress.

Part of an ongoing series of classic horror movie characters.

Print size is on 5″x7″ white 98lb / 160g paper.

For linocuts, each block is hand-carved with various carving tools. After carving, to create a print, ink is rolled onto the block surface with a roller (brayer) and then the paper is applied and hand-burnished to transfer the ink to the paper.

Each linoleum block is hand-carved and each print is hand-printed, which means there may be variations in texture or color between prints. This is a unique characteristic of the medium and part of the charm of linocut prints.

You will receive the print unframed, in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard mailer envelope.