Are you looking for custom letterpress posters, cards, or art prints? I'm available to do some custom letterpress printing by commission.

Some quick details:

  • My commission pieces are typically medium sized 3"x5" - 9"x12" but I do have the capabilities to print up to 14"x22".
  • I specialize in rustic looking cards or posters using my collection of antique wood type, but I also have a selection of smaller to medium metal type available for typesetting and printing.
  • Each print is hand-inked and printed by hand on my flatbed proofing press, so I focus on small run or limited edition prints.
  • Prices for a custom letterpress print start at $50, and go up depending on complexity, number of prints, number of colors, size, and other factors.
  • I'm located in northern Pennsylvania and can ship or offer local pickup for prints.

Get started:
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Please fill out each field with as much information as possible. Give me an idea what you're looking for and I can follow up with pricing information if it's something I'm able to help out with.

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  • Typically 5x7" is most affordable to print and ship, but I have the capabilities to print up to 14"x22".
  • How many of the same print do you want? Each print is hand-inked and printed by hand, so I typically specialize in smaller runs of 1-25 prints.
  • Do you have a maximum amount you'd like to spend? Depending on the amount, we may be able to do extras like multiple colors etc.
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